Saturday, April 4, 2015

My new purchase...

Here it is.  The most expensive sneaker I have purchased in a long time, if not ever.  I have had some ankle trouble in the past and this shoe seemed to be the best fit.  It also afforded me a reason to put off running as I had to research WHICH shoe to buy.  Now that I have it, I guess there are no excuses, except right now it is raining...

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Where to Start???

I have always thought of myself as an athlete, softball, field hockey, yoga, weight training.  I have always enjoyed a good competitive game, a little sweat.  Up until 3 years ago, however, I had never entered a race.  It was never anything I had the drive to do, mostly because, well, I hate to run.  Yup, I said it.  I. HATE. TO RUN.  Granted some of the sports I just listed do involve running and while I don't seem to notice the act of running when embedded into other activities, I don't like running.  OK to be honest, I do it about twice a year.  Once in the Spring, the weather turns warm, the sun is shining and I put on my sneakers and head for the hills.  20 minutes later I am back home, drenched in sweat, red in the face, and gasping for air like it's going out of style.  My second run of the year typically happens on vacation.  Maybe it's the fresh ocean air, or maybe the lack of stress, but once again I lace up my sneakers with careless abandon and head for the beach.  And once again 15 minutes later this time (it's really hard to run in sand) I am back, barely able to breathe and now barely able to see because the sunscreen I applied 20 minutes ago has been washed into my eyes by way of the sweat river pouring down my head.  The width of which is only rivaled by the Mighty Mississippi. 

3 years ago a group of friends decided to run one of those obstacle races, it was being held in Fenway.  Somehow my name made it to the team roster that was sent in.  I'm sure at some point months prior to race day I figured it would be fun.  The morning of the event came and I was a nervous wreck.  Long story short: I ran, I climbed walls, I carried sand bags, and I had a blast.  OK so the running wasn't so bad, again I was distracted by all the walls and ropes and stairs.  I signed up for a few more: 3 miles then 13 miles.  I did it, it was fun.  I wanted to do it again. 

Then last month my friend tells me she is running the 100 on a 100.  "What's that?" I ask.  She tells me its a 6 person relay - each person running 3 legs over the course of the day totally about 15 miles, give or take.  I seriously considered it.  I was still on the fence when I talked to my hair dresser about it.  She laughed and told me that it was serious and "you aren't a runner - you can't do it."  Well, that did it. 

Anyone who knows me, knows that if you want me to do something just tell me that I can't - that I am not capable of it - and damn it I will find a way to do it.  So guess what I did.  I called my friend up and told her I was in. 

Fast forward 2 weeks - here I am.  I have the shoes, I have the play list and now all I have to do is run. 5 days a week.  run.  run.  run.  run. run. 

Why couldn't I just say 'No?'